• Attractions in Percé, Quebec

    Tourist attractions near GÎte Le Presbytère

    To compliment your stay at GÎte Le Presbytère, we have hand picked some of our favorite local attractions in the area.

    Most of the attractions are located less than 30 minutes from the Bed and Breakfast in the area of Percé, Quebec. All of the attractions are great for the whole family and most are kid friendly. If we missed something, please ask us.

Église Saint-Michel

Église Saint-Michel

Church, Landmark

Our Bed and Breakfast was once the presbytery of Église Saint-Michel (The Church of Saint Michael). Situated right next door to our Bed and Breakfast, this church is well worth a visit.

Address: 57 Rue de l'Eglise, Percé (Quebec) G0C 2L0 .

Telephone: 418-782-2062

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Bonaventure Island

Bonaventure Island and Percé Rock

National Park

On the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula, is Bonaventure Island and the magnificent stone outcrop known as Percé Rock.

Address: 4 Rue du Quai, Percé (Québec) GOC 2LO.

Telephone: 418-782-2240

Bonaventure Park Website >>>

GeoPark of Percé

GeoPark of Percé - A UNESCO Park


The UNESCO Global Geopark in Percé is located in the heart of a large orogenic chain, called the Appalachians.

Address: 180 route 132 West, Percé (Quebec), G0C 2L0.

Telephone: 418-782-5112

GeoPark of Percé Website >>>

Le Pit Caribou Percé

Pit Caribou


A popular bar located in the heart of Percé.

Address: 182, route 132 West, Percé (Quebec) G0C 2L0.

Telephone: 418-782-1443

The Pit Caribou Website >>>

La Vieille Usine

La Vieille Usine

Theatre and Show Hall

Show hall, café-bistro, patio on the wharf, gallery-shop, craft workshops for both adults and children, and much more.

Address: 55, rue à Bonfils (L'Anse-à-Beaufils), Percé (Québec) G0C 1G0.

Telephone: 418 782-2277

La Vieille Usine website >>>

Bonaventure Island Ferry

Bonaventure Island Ferry

Cruises, Siteseeing, Whale Watching

Whale watching cruises and cruises of the area surrounding the Bonaventure Island and Percé Rock.

Address: 162, route 132 West, Percé (Quebec) G0C 2L0.

Telephone: 418-782-2974

Bonaventure Island Ferry Website >>>

Julien Cloutier Whale Cruises

Julien Cloutier Whale Cruises

Cruises, Siteseeing, Whale Watching

With a fleet of six boats and a well-trained crew, Croisières Julien Cloutier offers you excursions around Percé Rock and Bonaventure Island as well as whale-watching cruises.

Address: 5 rue du Quai, Percé (Quebec) G0C 2L0.

Telephone: 418-385-3446

Julien Cloutier Whale Cruises Website >>>

Magasin General Historique Authentique

Magasin General Historique Authentique 1928


Walk through the big wooden doors of this 100 year General Store and step into the past - into a time that has stood still.

Address: 32 rue Bonfils, Anse-A-Beaufils, Percé (Quebec) G0C 1G0 .

Telephone: 418-782-2225

Magasin General Historique Authentique Website >>>

Brasserie Auval Brewing Co.

Brasserie Auval Brewing Co.

Brewery Tour

This is artisan beer at its best. Offers tours and tastings from June to September.

Address: 397 Routes des Peres, Val d'Espoir, Percé (Quebec) G0C 3G0 .

Brasserie Auval Brewing Website >>>

Fort Prevel Golf

Club de Golf Fort Prével


Play 18 holes of golf right on the shore of the Gulf of St-Lawrence.

Address: 2053 Boulevard de Douglas, Saint-Georges-de-Malbaie (Quebec) G0C 2X0.

Telephone: 418-368-6957

Fort Prevel Golf Club Website >>>

La Cabane d'Oiseaux, Percé

La Cabane d'Oiseaux

Artist in Percé

See the works of artist Michel Boudreau in various gift shops in Percé. He is known for his paintings of birds.

Telephone: 418-408-0080

La Cabane d'Oiseaux Website >>>

Avolo Plein Air

Avolo Plein Air

Kayaking, Nature

Experience guided kayaking tours on the sea around Percé Rock and Bonaventure Island, this can not be missed!

Address: 199 Rte 132, Percé (Quebec) G0C 2L0.

Telephone: 418-782-5403

Avolo Plein Air Website >>>

Holiday Destination Percé

Holiday Destination Percé


For more attraction and lodging options in Percé, visit the Holiday Destination Percé website.

Address: 142, route 132 Percé (Québec) G0C 2L0.

Telephone: 855-782-5448

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