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    Our History

    A unique building that is more than 125 years old.

    The Percé Presbytery was built between 1890 to 1894, even before the actual church. There was already an ancient wood chapel on the same site. Percé was already known as a central location to the missionaries traveling through the Peninsula in search of indigenous people to convert to Catholicism.

    The church itself, dedicated to Saint Michael Archangel, was built later, around the year 1900, on the same site of the wooden church. The stone used for the church is from the area and its color gives it the look of a middle age castle.

    Mont Ste-Anne, on the left of the church, is a pilgrimage center, with a statue of the Saint and an altar. A traditional mass is celebrated since, every July 26th, though trucks and jeeps have long replaced the horse carriers and walking procession.

    That event was always followed by the blessing of the fishermen boats, numerous at the time, and tourists boats.

    The Percé Presbytery served the Church of St- Michael for almost 100 years but in the late 20th century was sold. At that time, it was converted to what we now know as Gite Le Presbytère Bed and Breakfast.

GÎte Le Presbytère Photos

Photos of our beautiful Bed and Breakfast

GÎte Le Presbytère 1
GÎte Le Presbytère
GÎte Le Presbytère
GÎte Le Presbytère

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